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Legal note
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1. The intellectual property rights of the website, its design, navigation structure, source code in HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, among others, its databases, as well as each of the elements contained therein are the property of LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS S.A.; who exercise the exclusive rights to exploit the same in any way and, especially, the rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

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1) That it is done when the elements reproduced are for the personal and private use of the user only. Therefore, any use for commercial purposes or for distribution, public communication, transformation or decomposition, including transmission by e-mail, is expressly prohibited. The conveyance or transmission to third parties or the installation on any server connected directly or indirectly to a local network and the Internet in such a way that third parties may access said information is also prohibited.

2) That none of the content related to this website be modified in any way.

3) That no graphic, icon nor image available on this website be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or the rest of the images that accompany it. Any infringement of the prohibitions and limitations contained in this section, as well as in any of the following, shall be considered an infringement of the intellectual property rights of LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS and will give rise to the responsibilities legally established to that effect, which may be pursued by the latter through the exercise of administrative, civil or penal actions, as appropriate.

4. LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. reserves the right, whenever necessary and without warning, to make any modifications and updates to the information on the website, in both the Spanish and the English versions or in other languages, to the configuration and presentation of the information and to the access conditions.

5. LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors when accessing the website, nor in the various contents. Nor does it guarantee that it will be updated in each and every case, although every effort will be made either to avoid, correct or update the content as soon as possible. LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. is in no way responsible for any of the information contained on other websites to which the website may direct you through hyperlinks.

6. LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. is in no way responsible for the conveyance or contents of the third-party links referenced on the website, nor does it guarantee that they will be free of viruses or other elements that may produce alterations to the computer system (hardware and software), the documents or the files of the user, excluding any responsibility for any type of damage caused to the user for this reason.

7. Access to this website and the any use of the information contained herein is the exclusive responsibility of the person who does so. LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. is in no way responsible for any consequences, damage nor harm caused by accessing or using the information. LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. is in no way responsible for any security errors that may occur nor for the possible damages that may be caused to the user's computer system (hardware and software) as well as the files or documents stored thereon, as a result of a virus on the user's computer used to connect to the services and content of the website, a browser malfunction or the use of an outdated version of the same.

8. Likewise, LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. is the holder of the intellectual property rights of its products and services, especially those related to the "LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS" trademark.
Regarding mentions of third-party products and services, LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A. recognises the intellectual property rights of their respective owners, and does not imply by their mention or appearance on the website the existence of any rights to or responsibilities for them by LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, nor backing, sponsorship, recommendation by LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS S.A.

9. Unauthorised use of any information contained on this website, its sale, as well as infringements of the LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS S.A.'s Intellectual or Industrial Property rights, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

10. Any third-party link to this website must be to the home or access page:


LINGUASERVE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DE SERVICIOS, S.A., was constituted by public title Nº 703 on 15 March 2000, recorded in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, page M-257878 folio 154, volume 15,370 general of the Book of Companies, Tax Identification Code A-82615972. Its corporate domicile is in Madrid, c/ Seminario de Nobles, 4, 2º-Izquierda.
The Company was constituted for an indefinite period of time and its corporate objective, in accordance with article 2 of the aforementioned Statutes is, among others,

o Design, commercialisation, development and distribution of services and systems for consulting, assessment, research and development, training and handling of linguistic and multilingual cultural information systems, sales, publicity, for all business areas by means of communications, satellite, undersea cable, digital networks and any other means of transmission, publication and/or information processing.
o Providing technical-legal advice, issuing legal sentences and studies and similar advice to companies or individuals, whose services must be provided through the subject-matter professionals who act in the name of the company.
o The listed activities may also be carried out in whole or in part, indirectly, through participation with other companies with similar corporate objectives.

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